Wound Care

This unique home program provides individualized care, education and management for patients with wounds, ostomies, incontinence and complex skin problems.

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Enterostomal Therapy

Interim HealthCare of Miami

Enterostomal therapy is a specialized field of nursing involving the care of patients with stomas, incontinence, dermal ulcers and other select skin conditions or those needing wound care at home.

Interim HealthCare of Miami Enterostomal Therapy (Wound Care) program utilizes an interdisciplinary team directed by a registered nurse. This team facilitates collaboration among the hospital, physician, insurer and home care provider.

Interim HealthCare of Miami

Home Based Wound Care and Ostomy Treatment Includes:

  • Wound and ostomy care, including advanced care treatments
  • Treatment recommendations
  • Assessing the need for equipment such as a hospital bed, mattress, and other pressure-reducing items
  • Nutritional assessment
  • Obtaining supplies for wound care
  • Coordination and communication with physician(s)
  • Improved monitoring and outcomes

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